About Doctor Jay Ferguson

Jay Ferguson, DC

Doctor Jay Ferguson

Dr. Jay Ferguson, DC

Dr. Jay Ferguson has been a chiropractic physician in Texas since 2006, and an instructor of human anatomy, physiology, pathology, and orthopedic tests since 2007 at different schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Currently, he is a principal instructor with the Parker University School of Massage Therapy, where he teaches several sciences for massage classes.

In 2010, Dr. Jay began presenting continuing education classes for massage therapists, focusing on orthopedic testing, pathophysiology, and advanced anatomy.

He now maintains a busy practice in Garland, Texas, where he emphasizes the role of soft tissue manipulation for patients, and employs a number of massage therapists.

In the classroom, Dr. Ferguson combines real-world elements from both his practice and his extensive chiropractic training to provide clear and relevant teaching material for massage education.